Hope and Possibility




Peer-to-peer support




Creating safe spaces to talk

Accepting people and experiences



Not treatment or therapy


Group Member

"I’ve learned a lot from those who have attended. It’s always been a safe haven for me to talk about and discuss things that each of us are challenged with daily. It also helps educate me about other ways of dealing with the things I’m challenged with"

Group Member

“The group has had a very positive impact on me. I love listening to others share their valuable experiences. Their experiences have made me feel accepted. I feel encouraged to talk about my experiences.”

Group Member

“The circle of hops is a wonderful group because it allows me and my peers to network and make new friends. It is recovery oriented which helps me think about my wellness and stay focused on recovery.”

Circle of Hope empowers the individual to be active participants in their recovery and to self-identify as part of the greater community. 

Circle of Hope encourages individuals to give greater meaning to their lived experience through the support of peers. 


Circle of Hope enhances mental health recovery.  It is one of many different supports a person can find valuable.  


All participation is voluntary



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