Who We Are

Creating Increased Connections (CIC) is a program of Resources for Human Development.

Resources for Human Development's mission is to provide caring,effective, and innovative services that empower people of all abilities, as they work to achieve the highest level of independence possible an build better lives for themselves, their families and their communities. Resources for Human Development provides individualized, quality assistance wherever the need exists. CIC is staffed by people with the lived experience of mental health and co-occurring challenges. We are committed to using our lived experience to enhance the delivery of recovery oriented and trauma-informed mental health services. Our work focuses on enhancing peer support to create community connections and greater social and peer networks. As a unit we are dedicated to promoting the expansion of recovery support groups (Circle of Hope, Taking Back Our Power, and Alternatives to Suicide) throughout Montgomery County, PA. Additionally, CIC partners with the Behavioral Health Training Institute. 

What We Do
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Montgomery County Hearing Voices Network

The mission of the Montgomery County Hearing Voices Network (MCHVN) is to promote recovery, acceptance, and education about the experience of hearing voices.  "Taking Back Our Power" or Hearing Voices Support Groups are an important aspect of MCHVN. These peer support groups do not focus on therapy or treatment, rather they provide a place and an opportunity for individuals to talk about their voice hearing experience without judgement. For more information, download the MCHVN brochure. For group times and locations, see our Group Schedules link.

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Circle of Hope

Circle of Hope groups offer community-based peer support. These groups are open to people seeking support for their mental health challenges. The groups provide safe spaces to explore meaning to give an understanding of an individual's lived experience. The groups uphold a value of mutual acceptance and create opportunities for social networking. The groups emphasize  peer-to-peer support. Circle of Hope groups are located throughout Montgomery County, PA and support the concept and effort of creating peer networks. For more information, download the Circle of Hope Brochure. For group times and locations, see our Group Schedules link.

Alternatives to Suicide

Alternatives to Suicide groups are intended as non-judgmental confidential spaces where people can share some of their darkest thoughts without being assumed to have an illness or being assessed for involuntary interventions. It has been learned over time that support to openly explore these thoughts - and the feelings and experiences underneath them- is often the key to moving toward something different. We currently offer these groups in Abington and beginning March 17, 2020, in Norristown. For more information, see our Group Schedules link.

Peer Support - Forensic

CIC supports the Behavioral Health Court of Montgomery County, PA. CIC facilitates Pathways, Recovery in Motion, and Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP) Seminar I to those individuals seeking diversion from the prison. Also, CIC supports all work to help individuals successfully re-enter society from prison life. CIC also runs WRAP Seminar I groups inside the prison to help individuals better manage their wellness and being planning for life-choices once they are released.


We offer and facilitate trainings and workshops in various recovery topics, including Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP Seminar I and II), Intentional Peer Support (IPS), Recovery Approach to Hearing Voices, Hearing Voices Group Facilitation, and Storytelling.