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Alternatives to Suicide

Peer-to-Peer Support Group

  • Alternatives to Suicide Groups are intended as non-judgmental confidential spaces where people can share some of their darkest thoughts without being assumed to have an illness or being assessed for involuntary interventions.​

  • It has been learned over time that support to openly explore these thoughts - and the feelings and experiences underneath them - is so often the key to moving toward something different.

All Are Welcome!
WEDNESDAYS 10:30 am - 12:00 pm
Trinity Community Church
1200 Easton Road
Abington, PA 19001
For Additional Information, Please Contact:
Creating Increased Connections
(a Program of Resources for Human Development)
at 484-681-9432
What is Intentional Peer Support (IPS) co-reflection?
Co-reflection is a process that we can use to help each other reflect on our practice (how we’re doing what we say we want to be doing). It is about us creating expertise together through a process of learn, practice, reflection. It is designed to model the peer support relationship so that we are practicing the principles at all levels of our relationships. If done well, it should lead to increased levels of personal development and to deepening relationships. Becoming an IPS supervisor or mentor means not only practicing these skills yourself, but using them in communication with others as they are learning.
(Intentional Peer Support Co-Reflection Guide, 2015:2)


We are looking to start these workshops. Please contact us if interested!


Crisis Support for Montgomery County, PA


Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)


Montgomery County


Mobile Crisis Support (Adult and Children):

1-855-634-HOPE (4673)


Montgomery County Suicide Prevention Task Force

Intentional Peer Support Training (IPS)


Intentional Peer Support

January 20, 2020 through January 24, 2020

Building and better peer workforce in Montgomery County, Pa

Questions? Contact Mike Nelson at

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