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Sheila Hall-Prioleau


M.A., Administration of Human Services

I am a Certified Peer Specialist (CPS), Forensic Peer Specialist, and an advanced level WRAP facilitator.  I have trained many people on the topics of trauma, recovery from addiction, and supporting CPS in the workforce. I am an advocate for people with the lived experience of hearing voices. I believe that people can recover from anything.  HOPE is one of my favorite words. I have been successful in my own recovery because I live by the principles I impart to others.

MIchael Nelson


I am a Certified Peer Specialist and an advanced level WRAP facilitator. I have trained many in the greater Philadelphia area. I uphold a trauma informed perspective and have valuable experience working with the forensic population. I take pride in supporting mutual aid groups in Montgomery County along with being connected to the transformative work at Creating Increased Connections. My mantra is: The only way I can be my best only happens if I can support you being your best. Striving we can all be our best together.

Karleen Caparro

I bring 12 years experience to Creating Increased Connections as a Certified Peer Specialist, Forensic Peer Specialist, and Certified Recovery Specialist,

Hugo Lopez

I am a Certified Peer Specialist, Forensic Peer Specialist, and hearing voices facilitator, I bring a great number of skills to Creating Increase Connections, including the fact that I am bilingual.

Conrad Lawson

I am a peer and facilitator of mutual aid groups at Creating Increased Connections. I believe in your resilience.

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